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Quotes from satisfied NationJob customers in the Ocala/Marion County, FL area.

One Stop Workforce Connection, DiAnne Butler and Howard Vickers, Professional Placement: "We are more than satisfied with the responses that we receive from our job postings on NationJob.We average around 100 resumes a month from the postings so we have been able to provide some very good candidates to our local employers. Although we do not make a lot of placements, we had two last month and one coming up in April that were a direct result from NationJob postings.

1) We were looking for an entry level Brand Manager Marketing Assistant for one of our local manufacturers. We received a resume for Susan from North Carolina through NationJob. Susan came down to Ocala to interview and was hired by the company. She moved down here and started on February 23 at $33,000/year.

2) Our local county is expanding its library services and we helped search for librarians for their staffing needs. Leonard from Miami sent his resume through NationJob and was subsequently hired. He was very happy to make the move here going from a temporary job to a full time job starting on February 28 at $26,000/year with great benefits.

3) We get numerous resumes for every social service position we post. One of those came from Ray, who already lived in Ocala. He did not know about our Professional Placement services at One Stop until we contacted him to follow up on his resume from NationJob. He is scheduled to start work at a local social agency on April 26.

We have also received some great candidates for technical, accounting, and engineering positions. Some of these are still in the works so, hopefully, we will have some more success stories in the near future. The most important thing is that our local employer base sees that we are finding them highly qualified individuals."

Thanks for all you do for us.

Munroe Regional Medical Center, Krissy Meadows: "Munroe Regional Medical Center, a 421 bed acute care hospital, has been using NationJob for four years. We average at least 1200 visits to our job postings each month, which generates 390 resumes. Currently 14% of all our new hires are referrals from

Unlike most Internet agencies, NationJob provides the data entry service for all job posting, updates, and changes. We also value the attention given to our account and the tracking provided monthly for our results.

Having the resumes of candidates e-mailed directly to Munroe Regional Medical Centers' recruiters has decreased the time of response to the candidates and has expedited our hiring process.

The friendly staff and great customer service plus the ease with posting our positions make NationJob a partnership we definitely appreciate and will continue to use."

One Stop Workforce Connection, Howard Vickers, Associate Director of Professional Recruitment: "My wife and I have a 12-month-old grandson living in Tallahassee Florida with his father and mother, our daughter. We, also, have another daughter and son-in law living in Orlando. Everyone knows how grandparents are about grandchildren so we did what any other loving grandparents would do. We pursued job opportunities in the area to be closer to them.

I am a Recruiter and I looked on the NationJob web site and clicked onto Human Resources positions in the Tallahassee, Gainesville, Ocala, and Orlando area. These cities are located in or between the residence of my two daughters, and grandson.

About 20 positions listed and I clicked on a position of Associate Director of Professional Recruitment Placement for One Stop Workforce Connection in Ocala. The job description appeared with the web resume submission link, and also a link to the company profile for One Stop. After reviewing the information I attached my resume and submitted via the link provided.

In two days I received a call from the HR Administrator at One Stop and was asked if I was available for interview. I had the interview and started work a week later. The whole process took only two weeks and I am at my new job working in a fabulous town with great people."

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