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Antonio Ruiz: Dear NationJob, you have provided me with an extremely valuable tool in my job search. I have found a job. Thank you for your help. It's been a great contribution. Could you now take me off your mailing list?"

Russell E Webb: "My name is Russell E Webb and I got a new job from a posting that I found on over 6 months ago.The job is for Kodak and it is a maintenance position and it took 6 months and 4 interviewsbut it is a good job so I will no longer need the e-mails Thanks for your help."

Aaron Slusser: "I got a job with M&M Precision through PDSI Technical Services as a Software Engineer in Dayton ohio. I start Sept. 7th 2004. Thanks."

James C. Hendricks, Jr. P.E.: "Gentlemen- I have accepted a position as Regional Service Group Manager with Herbert, Rowland, and Grubic in Bartonsville, PA. I found out about HRG from a position announcement in PJ Scout, I then contacted their human resources department directly. Thanks you very much for the service you provide! Please remove my resume from your database and remove me from the email list."

Sandeep Chhabria: "Hi P. J. Scout, Just wanted to let you know.......I got a job and it was thru one of your postings. I was never this excited in my lifetime as I am now. I would like to convey my thanks a ton and I very much appreciate the efforts you put to get us employed. Please continue doing this noble job. I wish I could somehow provide encouragement\motivation to use your invaluable services for currently job-seeking people. Once again thank you very much and kudos to you.

Pam Owenson: "Hi P.J. I just wanted to let you know that I have found a job with Iowa State University which you supplied me with the information. Your site was very helpful and I thank you for that."


One Stop Workforce Connection, Howard Vickers, Associate Director of Professional Recruitment: "My wife and I have a 12-month-old grandson living in Tallahassee Florida with his father and mother, our daughter. We, also, have another daughter and son-in law living in Orlando. Everyone knows how grandparents are about grandchildren so we did what any other loving grandparents would do. We pursued job opportunities in the area to be closer to them.

I am a Recruiter and I looked on the NationJob web site and clicked onto Human Resources positions in the Tallahassee, Gainesville, Ocala, and Orlando area. These cities are located in or between the residence of my two daughters, and grandson.

About 20 positions listed and I clicked on a position of Associate Director of Professional Recruitment Placement for One Stop Workforce Connection in Ocala. The job description appeared with the web resume submission link, and also a link to the company profile for One Stop. After reviewing the information I attached my resume and submitted via the link provided.

In two days I received a call from the HR Administrator at One Stop and was asked if I was available for interview. I had the interview and started work a week later. The whole process took only two weeks and I am at my new job working in a fabulous town with great people."

Sara Schroeder: "Just wanted to let you know I was hired June 30th this year for a position you emailed to me @ 4imprint in Oshkosh, Wi. Thanks - I love my new job!"

Gary W. Daugherty: "To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to thank you for the position you sent me that lead to me being hired after being unemployed for almost two years!! I began my new job as an Inventory Specialist for the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA), three weeks ago. Again, thank you!"

Marcus Littleton: "I was employed at the West Des Moines Marriott. As a Front Office Manager, I did very well. But, I wanted a chance to run my own hotel. There was no opportunity for me at my current job, so I started to search on-line. I was in no hurry, but felt that I needed to know what was out there, and what it would take to make a change. I found NationJob's website, and since the company was from Des Moines, I felt that they might have more local opportunities than say, Monster or Hotjobs. They had many different listings in the hospitality field, both in Iowa and across the country. I found an ad that interested me, and looked into the job. As a result, I have been a General Manager at a Holiday Inn Express for 1 and 1/2 years. The change has provided me with valuable experience that I wouldn't have received at my former job. My experience with NationJob was very positive. I found the website to be informative, and very user-friendly. All the information was easy to access. I know that I will make NationJob the first website I visit when the time comes to look for advancement.

Laura Richards: "I found my job through NationJob as a Customer Service Rep. for DP&L (Dayton Power & Light) in Dayton, Ohio."

Betty Chadwell: "Thanks to PJ scout looking out for me I was able to obtain a part time teaching postion with Montgomery College- exactly what I was looking for. Thank you PJ Scout help me realize a goal!!"

Donald Edw. Abel: "Thanks to you and your staff, I'm going to work on Monday the 7th of August! I followed up on one of your posted jobs through M. Dunn and Assoc. The position is with AMCAST Automotive in Ohio. I got more than I expected and could not be happier!! I followed your weekly job hunt and reviewed all of them, I don't know how many I actually followed up on , but it seems I had at least one or more every week. I got a little discouraged, but I hung in there. I can't thank you enough or say enough good things about your program. You guys are great!! I'm 62, but who is counting. The people at AMCAST don't care. I'm going to be their new Technical Services Manager. Thank you again."

Jennifer Alberts: "I want to thank you for helping me locate my new job at Intrust bank in Wichita, Kansas. I'm starting out as a teller but plan to move up quickly!"

D. Arrington: "Thanks to you, I have found a job! I found the job in Dayton, OH, which is where I live. I have been telling all of my friends about your wonderful service. I am much, much happier in my new workplace. Thanks to your service, I am now an Operations Support Rep with Lexis-Nexis!"

Renee Baribeau: "I found a job located six miles from my door step through your service as a catering/sales manager for KSL Desert Resorts. Thanks! Without you, I might have missed my next opportunity."

Jill Beavers: "I've found a job through your company in Dayton, Ohio with a law firm: Freund, Freeze & Arnold as a nurse-paralegal. Thanks for all your help. I recommend this site frequently!"

Lynn Becker: "I found a job through your service as a Treatment Specialist with St. Joseph Children's Treatment Center. This job is located in Dayton, Ohio, where I currently live. Thank you very much for providing such a professionally done service. I have been recommending it to lots of people."

Andrew Bice: "I actually found my job thru PJ Scout as a Quality Engineer Eaton Corp. in Winterset, Iowa. I was thrilled with the complete information your services listed and the number and quality of job information. You can take my name off the list, as I plan on staying at this job for quite some time, but when/if I decide to change jobs, I will be back to you!"

Jody Biehl: "I found a job through your job search with Alliance Laundry Systems in Ripon, Wisconsin as a Senior Material Planner."

Brigid Blaschak: "I received a job offer from Atlantic Coast Airlines last week as Revenue Management Coordinator."

Balena Blaylock: "I am happy to report that I have secured a lucrative position as a Stress Analyst with Boeing Aircraft. I would like to show others that this program really works regardless of where you are, so please publish my success story. Thanks P.J. Scout!"

Rebecca Causey: "I've found my job! I am now an Applications Analyst with Horry-Georgetown Technical College and do not plan on changing employers. Please remove me from the PJ Scout mailing list."

Jeff Christensen: "I just wanted to say thanks for helping me find a job. I've been looking for a job since I graduated in May with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I just accepted a Design Engineer position at Maytag in Galesburg, Illinois, which position I found on one of your PJ Scout results emails. Thanks again!"

Diane Collins: "Thanks for the help, PJ! With your simple system, I was able to hunt for the perfect job without hindrance of the time constraints of searching the classifieds or the insanity of head hunter services. The position that I got is with a Fortune 500 company that cares about its employees and offer On the job training. I start Nov. 20 as an Associate Program Manager for Tech Data in Clearwater, Florida."

Heather Combe: "My new job title is Channel Support Representative for Navision Software in Norcross, GA. I was living in Marietta, GA Job when I saw a job posted for an order administrator, but they saw something in me and on my resume that fit a different position better. That was a benefit for me in that the CSR position pays more. This is only my first week, but so far all is going well. I'm learning a lot."

Jeff Cooper: "Please take me off your mailing list. I have found a position, through PJ Scout, thank you. I am working at Lighthouse Financial Services, Hilton Head Island, SC as Retail V.P. of Lighthouse Community Bank."

Ken Czisny: "I'll be moving from California to become an Education Specialist for Mayo Clinic. Great service--thanks!"

Chane Downs: "Gateway 2000 hired me to be a general technician at their North Sioux City plant. The job was never listed in the local paper, so without P.J. Scout I never would have even known about it. Thank you so much for developing such a helpful service."

Ben Dupre: "I am a technical writer employed with a manufacturing firm in central California. My wife and I, after the birth of our daughter, decided that the best area of the country to raise her would be in the Midwest. We decided to relocate, but I needed to find a job before we could go. I signed up for P.J. Scout, and by the next week I had over twenty listings from Midwestern companies hiring technical writers delivered to me by e-mail. I continued to get new listings every week, sent out my resumes, and before I knew it I was flying all over the Midwest for interviews. I actually turned down several good offers, because I knew that the perfect job was out there. NationJob gave me that confidence. I finally accepted an offer of employment from Sauer Sundstrand in Ames, Iowa. I would like to thank NationJob Network for helping me secure the perfect job, in the perfect location, working for the perfect company. The service worked so well for me that before leaving my current position, I posted it with NationJob. I am sure that my current employer will have a qualified replacement for me in short order."

Brian Dutcher: "I was living in New Mexico and PJ found me the perfect job in Iowa with Iowa Select Farms as a Computer Support Tech. Great Job P.J.!"

Allison Elliott: "I'm working at Anderson Communications Group on Hilton Head Island, SC. My position is that of Production Associate, though a more apt title would be "advertising apprentice." I actually applied to the agency for a more senior position listed on your service, but once my resume went in the stack I was called into interview for my current job, which was more appropriate for this first phase of my career. I found your service to be immensely helpful, and the job and company profiles to be informative and useful. I especially appreciated that the actual address of the company and HR contact person was listed, so I could send a paper resume and direct my cover letter to the HR chief. Using other Web sites I found myself emailing my resume with a short introductory note, without knowing the name of the person receiving it -- or sometimes even the name of the company! In my job search I never saw replies from emailed resumes. You also provided information including the company Web site and a description of the work environment, both of which helped me do my homework to prepare for my interview. I think the highlighted communities are great. I found your site through a link from the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce. I was geographically targeting my job search to selected cities, and appreciated being able to quickly view all jobs in the HHI area. Classmates from my graduating class were impressed I found a job so quickly in this economy, and could hardly believe I found a quality position on a Web site. That's about all there is to tell about my job search which, fortunately, has come to a happy ending for now."

Cheryl Ellis: "I found a new job with your help and just wanted to tell you that I think your service is truly wonderful. I have told several friends about you and showed them how to get started. My new position is a Computer Operator and Iowa State University in Ames, IA and I start with them in just a few weeks. Thanks you so much for your help and I'll be sure to mention you again to people I know who are in the new-job-market!"

Chris Frank: "Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your services. I followed up on one of your postings and found a new job. I moved from Fort Dodge, Iowa to Eddyville, Iowa to take a QA Chemist position with Cargill (Corn Milling Division). PJ Scout is a well-constructed database that was not only easy to use, but could be fine-tuned enough where you weren't getting job postings that were total unrelated to your area of interest. Thanks so much!"

Kent Foster: "THANK YOU for your service. My wife was recently interviewed and hired from a job that you listed from the State of Iowa. We have been trying to relocate back to Iowa from Pennsylvania for some time now and it was your service that sent us the notification of a job opening at the Mental Health Institute in Cherokee, IA for a Therapeutic Dietitian. Even the personnel dept in Des Moines wasn't aware of the opening. YOUR SERVICE IS GREAT AND I WOULD BE HAPPY TO GIVE TESTIMONY TO THAT FACT!!, anytime, to anyone."

Toni Frederick: "Hi P.J. I wanted to let you know that I have found a great job through your service. My Name is Toni Frederick; I live in Wilmington, Ohio, and ny new job title is Benefits and Compensation Administrator. I will be working for Clark State Community College in Springfield starting April 10th. Thanks for a GREAT SERVICE!"

Kevin Freeman: "My new job is with Western Resources, Manager II, Attorney, in Topeka, Kansas. I am excited about this new opportunity. I had several responses from companies advertising positions on your website. If I remember right, I had four interviews from NationJob ads postings. Thank you very much for this service."

Richard Gerdel: "My new job is with Cessna Aircraft in Wichita as a Programmer/Analyst. I think you have a fantastic service and recommend it highly to my friends."

Marcanne L. Green: "This is one of the best web sites out there. I met a recruiter for one ad and before I knew it, he found me a great job. I work for Calgon Corporation and my recruiter was Malcolm McDowell from MRI's Portland Office. He is a great guy. The job is pretty perfect for me and going great so far."

Sylvia L. Horney: "Success! Today I started my new job as an assistant manager, programming at T.V. Guide in Tulsa, OK, thanks to a "search" e-mail I received from your last montyh. Thank you so much for keeping touch with me! I've recommended your site to several co-workers (at my old job!)."

Amber L. Infante: "I found a job as a control clerk in the dividends department at A.G. Edwards & Sons corporate office in downtown St. Louis!"

Suzanne Isbel: "I found out about the job about a week ago...and I just got hired today through Western Staff, an employment agency. I would have never found it without you! Thank you very much!!"

Paula Israel: "I recently found a new job thanks to the help of PJ Scout. I was living in Fenton, Michigan when I started using PJ Scout to help me find my first job after graduating from college in May 1998. It took a while, but I think the outcome is going to be worth the wait. I'll be moving to Iowa soon to work as a Research Assistant at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. I'll be working in a Drosophila lab doing genetics research and protein purification and identification. This is just the type of job I'd been looking for. I was getting very discouraged in my search and had stopped putting much effort into it, but PJ just kept sending me job descriptions every week and I would half-heartedly look through them. Occasionally I would send out a resume and then one day, I got a response. I was invited to travel to Iowa to interview for a position!! I'm very excited and would like to say thank you very much!!"

Mike Janzen: "I just finished my first day at my new job that I first saw on P.J. Scout. I am now an Industrial Engineer with Cessna at the Mid-Continent Campus. Thanks for the help!"

David Jordon: "Thank you for the services that you provide for job searches. I found a job thru you and I start on the 9th of August with Home Shoppers Network in St. Petersburg, FL. My title is Customer Service Rep."

Laura Jones: "I just wanted to write you off a note and let you know I found the perfect job through your service. I live in Huber Heights Ohio. Last year I was devastated when the company I'd worked for for the past 18 years decided to close the Dayton Manufacturing Plant. But at Christmas 1997 they closed us down and left us all looking for jobs. My sister told me about PJ Scout and I signed up thinking nothing would ever come from it. A month or two went by before I really started looking at the mail you were sending me. I didn't think you would have anything that would interest me. But when I did finally start looking at it I was happy I did! I sent out several resumes over about a 2 week period, and I got a call from 3 of the postings.(2 of which were from the same company) within another week! I got the job I wanted and I didn't even have to take a cut in pay! As a matter of fact, with benefits, the job is even better than the one I had!! So now I'm working for LEXIS-NEXIS in MIAMISBURG, OHIO as a CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE. I've been there several months now, but just wanted to let you know how much your service did for me. I would have never found this job if it weren't for you. Keep up the great work, you're helping hundreds of people!

Patrick Jay Judy: "Thank you! After a long period of searching from my home in Adrian, Michigan, it was an ad placed for Elder-Beerman in Dayton, Ohio that was the lucky match for me. After reading the job description in one of the update batches, I applied for an entry level position as a Programmer/Analyst. I had the interview and things went well. A week later I was offered the job, and I owe my first break in the computer industry to your job posting service! I will be sure to recommend your service to all my friends!"

Dan Kallman: "Thank you for your service! If it weren't for P.J. Scout, I would never have found my new job. I'll be working as a Design Engineer for Cessna Aircraft."

Nancy Katzer: "Howdy partner! I've found a job at Maria-Joseph Living Care Center in Trotwood, Ohio. I'm still living in Springfield, Ohio and my job title is Staff Nurse. I work 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM Monday through Friday. Thanks a lot for your help in my job search."

Tamra Knox: "Your site is wonderful. I just wanted to let you know I have found a job through an ad posted with your company. I want to thank you for the wonderful free e-mail up dates for my job search. The ads were not too wordy and not too concise. I also utilized your resume and cover letter advice to update my ten year old format to a more contemporary look. I start on Feb. 4th as a patient liaison in a Doctor's office. I am very happy and want to share my success story with you!! Thank you once again, and when I need another job, you bet your boots I'll saddle up with PJ Scout again to ride the job range!! I found my new job with Mercy Medical Centers of Des Moines Iowa. Thank you again for your services."

Dan Kotar: "When I first signed up with you we were living in Montana. Within three weeks you had an ad for a computer operator at Appleton Papers in Appleton, Wisconsin. She had her final interview after we arrived, and a week and a half later got the job. Thanks again."

Mark R Krueger: "I have a new job. I did get the lead from you. I'm now a Voice and Data Account Manger for AT&T."

Anjana Larsen: "Just to let you know: I just accepted a position that P.J. Scout found for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the Communications Product Manager postion at NavCom Technology in Redondo Beach. I sent in my resume to apply for it on Monday, 2/12, interviewed on Wednesday and accepted it today (2/19). Thank you, P.J. Scout!"

Matt: "During the spring and summer of 1999, I began my search for a new career. After many months of the traditional routes looking for a job (newspaper, bulletin boards, word of mouth), I decided to go on the internet. There I found NationJob and to my surprise, not only was it easy, but I found just what I was looking for. I wish I had gone to my computer first, it would have saved a lot of time and my life would have been a lot less stressful. I enjoy my new career and I look forward to the endless opportunities that await me."

Suzanne Meister: "I found my new job while living in Dayton, Ohio. The company is Battelle & Battelle, LLP. Your service is great!"

Maria: "I was hired last week at Depelchin's Children Center in Houston. I am an Access Specialist. I wanted to work for a nonprofit and I really wanted to work in the adoptions arena. I wanted to gain experience before deciding whether or not to pursue my Master's in Social Work. I had been searching for an adoption agency that had positions which did not require a MSW. Luckily, I found you guys because this position was not posted up on their web site. Depelchin is much more than an adoption agency. Which is great!! I'm learning a lot. This will help me in choosing my future career path."

Casey Martin: "I am writing to thank your company, NationJob, inc. for helping me find my recent position; Assistant Technical Director of Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa. Prior to finding NationJob, I felt very limited in my job search. Most search engines guided me to areas outside my interest. NationJob's wide range of professional positions led me to the opportunity I was looking for. I am very happy with my present position and owe a great deal of gratitude to your company. Thank you once again."

Tony Marx: "I came across you while seeking a job in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area a couple of months ago. I found that the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce were looking for a Membership Sales Executive, and although I was already a Chamber member I did not know there was an opening. I got the job, and really appreciate the fine service you offer."

Paul McKlendin: "My new job is as a Project Manager for IS projects for the State of Oregon."

Paul Miles: "I reside in Arlington Texas, a suburb of the Dallas Ft. Worth area. I was looking to make a change, specifically looking at Energy Engineering or Management opportunities. I saw a listing back in August regarding an Energy Consulting position, the recruiter was Spear-Izzo, LLC. I contacted them, and following a brief but rigorous qualification, was introduced to my new firm, Management Alternatives, Ltd (a Consulting concern based in Detroit MI). I interviewed in early September, and accepted a position shortly thereafter. Rest is history as they say. Thanks for being the conduit - NJN worked for me."

Eric Mozina: "I found a new job as a Supervisor for United Retail Logistics Operations in Sidney, Ohio."

Steve Nelson: "I want to thank you for your services...I am now the mechanic at Midwest Landscaping in West Des Moines. I have been there since Monday and I love it!"

Ed Newhouse: "After receiving an Associate's Degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering, I spent nearly two years searching, mostly on my own, for the perfect job. Your service let me know that there really was someone in my corner and gave me the encouragement and resources I needed to find that perfect position. I am now an Academic Computing Technician for Cornell College, one of two technicians who support over 400 end-users on a variety of platforms. Thank you again for all of your help!"

Mark D. Oberrieder: "I have found a new job through the use of I contacted Al Schirmacher of Career Counseling and Search, who passed my information along to Mike Grillo of City and National Recruiting, who took me into the John Deere Power Systems Division in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I am now an Application Engineer, 300 series engine development with John Deere, Power Systems Division, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Thanks for the help."

Dorothea O'Brien: "I was researching for my daughter who was living in Chicago and wanted a job in Des Moines. The position she took was with Iowa Methodist Hospital as a teacher in their daycare program. We would never have known about it except for your services. Thank you."

Angie Pallo: "I would like to thank this service for making the job search so much easier. I have accepted a job in Wichita, KS with the Child Care Association. Thanks again."

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