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N.E.W. Plastics, Thomas Schultz, Senior Human Resources Leader: “NationJob is among the best tools out there that help companies like N.E.W. Plastics stay visible to potential job applicants. It provides a place to notify potential job seekers of our opportunities, and NationJob does it in a way that is both economical as well as provides for a fairly broad coverage of the different job boards it partners with.”

“Before being introduced to NationJob, we struggled to find the right recruiting tool. We bounced around, using different job boards and trying to find what would work best for N.E.W. Plastics. Advance suggested NationJob. We felt for the value and the presence NationJob provides us, in combination with the price point, it was worth adopting the tool as part of our recruiting strategy."

“NationJob makes our career opportunities widely visible across our recruiting area in a cost-effective way. Through NationJob’s multiple partnerships, we’re able to post our openings to reach individuals searching for employment, and it uses a search engine tool that matches applicants with our job opportunities. “In the past 12 months we’ve hired several people in our office — all of these hires came directly through NationJob. “As a family-owned business in the hardworking, small town of Luxemburg, we need partners that understand and can help us tap into the job market. I think NationJob does that effectively, and it is a good value Proposition so we certainly appreciate that.” (2/15)

Fox Valley Metal Tech, Inc., Peter Vanden Huevel, Human Resource Manager:  “I see good value in our partnership with NationJob. They save me valuable time with pulling job postings straight from our website, as well as cross posting with Indeed, Beyond, VetJobs, etc. If you have to hold tight to a budget, this is money well spent.” (01/15)

Nature's Way, Cecilia Parrish, HR Generalist/Recruiter: "NationJob is truly a customer service oriented company, every time Nature's Way requested specific changes/updates to the site to accommodate company needs, NationJob immediately implemented our request." (5/14)

Fox Valley Metal Tech, Inc., Megan Crary, PHR, Human Resource Manager:  "Fox Valley Metal-Tech, Inc. has been very pleased with the results of our partnership with NationJob. Not only is it incredibly easy because they grab everything right from our website, but it also increases the visibility of our opportunities and assists in reaching out to a larger candidate pool." (05/2014)

Aurora Baycare Medical Center, Beth Kirby, SPHR, Human Resources Director; “The Nation Jobs web site resulted in about 39,000 views and over 1,400 applications for our positions. By participating, we also help support the community by allowing smaller employers to participate in NationJob. We see that as a benefit because there may be a trailing spouse, of one of our hires, that may also be also looking for employment and can use NationJob.” (03/2013)

Skyline Technologies, Inc., Lindsey Garrity, recruiter;
“NationJob has helped Skyline Technologies reach a wide variety of candidates and has helped expand our brand into new markets. The NationJob team has done an exceptional job of making the board easy to navigate and user-friendly. The service is low cost and has made a positive impact on our candidate pool by producing high-quality talent leads in the local market.” (3/2013)

National Hospitality Services, Brenda Warren, Director of Communications/Revenue Manager: 
"We have used and have experienced great success in utilizing their services.  We are finding highly qualified candidates for our management positions, who are located in the region, thus saving us thousands of dollars on relocation fees." (02/11)

Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc., Melissa Bowman:
"We’ve received several quality applicants this way, it is a great benefit!" (09/10)

Cumulus Broadcasting, Green Bay, Aaron Gurney, General Sales Manager:
"I would like to personally thank you and the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce for allowing Cumulus Broadcasting of Green Bay to utilize the job posting service of over the past few weeks. Nine out of ten resumes I receive on a regular basis have been from the website. To me, this is incredible considering I have the Account Executive position posted on over 60 online job sites including the big names such as, Wisconsin Jobnet and Yahoo HotJobs. The quality of the applications I receive also tend to be on the higher caliber level, such as what I’ve been looking for. Thank you again for providing such a great service and I look forward to continuing to utilize the site for our employment needs." (04/2010)

Landmark Staffing Resources, Inc.; Monica Vomastic, President/CEO: "Landmark Staffing Resources been a long-standing partner with NationJob for over ten years. This has been a great tool for us in recruiting candidates at the professional level." (3/10)

Grande Cheese Company - Home Office, Courtney Zitlow, Human Resources Generalist: "Hi! I really like the websites you post on as well as the prices that you offer for a company of our size. I also appreciate how you take the open positions off our website and post them. It really is a time saver for me! Thank you." (10/09)

Healthy Lifestyles Cooperative, Sherry Freeman, Director, Health and Fitness Services: "3 applicants on the very 1st day the position was live! I got a total of 14 applicants in about 3 weeks; enough that I took it off the site because we had so many qualified applicants. This services was free to the Healthy Lifestyles Cooperative through the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. It was so successful for me, that we didn't spend dollars or time advertising in any other media except the Green Bay Chamber's newsletter resources. We were on a short timeline for finding and hiring someone - we'll be able to meet this timeline thanks to the qualified responses we got off of Nation Job." (2/09)

Wright Industrial, Gene Wellenstein, Green Bay, WI: "We did hire an applicant from the responses we received due to our posting on NationJob. The web site application worked very well and we are quite happy with the results. It is definitely a worthwhile expenditure of Chamber of Commerce dollars." (6/09)

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