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Quotes from satisfied NationJob customers in the Dayton, OH area.

PDSI Technical Services, Inc., Carol Thompson, Staffing Supervisor: Look forward to continuing our relationship in the future, and again, if you want, feel free to use me as a referral for NJN, it is a cornerstone of our business here! (12/08)


ADT, Ed Thompson, Sales Manager: " has been a very usefull resource in my recruiting efforts. Not only did I get a good number of responses, most of them were highly qualified individuals. In addition to the great results, the staff at NationJob responded to my needs quickly and accurately, making the entire experience efficient, effective, and enjoyable! I highly recommend this service to any one. Thank you!"

A.F. Leis Co. Inc., Joe Mueller: "I would like to thank NationJob for helping me successfully fill the position of Quality Engineer for our Company. I had performed an extensive search through newspaper advertisements and recruiters for a qualified candidate with no success. NationJob was my last resort, and within two days turned up a qualified candidate which I hired. From this it is clear that NationJob will be my first avenue on recruitment for my future requirements. Thanks again."

Access Staffing Inc. - Beavercreek, Ohio - Shannon Manns: "Access Staffing Inc. has recruited through Nation Job for many years. We are extremely pleased with the resume' response, and NJN's staff in posting the jobs right away".

"We have hired several NJN candidates, and hope to continue with this trend".

American Red Cross, B. J. Hassan, Director, Human Resources: "The opportunity to freely use the NationJob website to post our open paid staff positions has truly been a life saver. Operational funding has been difficult to come by during the last few years and there simply is not any money for employee recruitment. Free job posting on NationJob has enabled us to recruit top professionals for our organization without having to divert much needed dollars from our critically important service delivery areas."

Ascent, Mary Nissen: "I thought you would be interested to know that NationJob reaches even into the high school level applicants. We had a response to the tech support intern posting from California from a young high school junior who was moving into the Dayton, Ohio region. I contacted him and arranged for him to get in touch when he got here. 6 weeks later he was on-board working for us as an intern. Great job, NationJob!"

Barco Simulation, Melinda Rinehart, Human Resource Administrator: "NationJob has been a great resource for recruiting for Barco Simulation in Xenia, OH. We recruit very high tech positions and we are finding very good candidates through NationJob. We have been able to hire candidates from 80% of the jobs we have posted on NationJob."

The Citizens National Bank of SW Ohio. Jennifer E. Bridgett, Operations Manager: " I am happy to inform you we were able to find our newest employee through We received tremendous response from the job announcement and had a large field of qualified applicants to choose from. The position was for an Operations Assistant in our internal Operations Department. We hired a local candidate from Tipp City, which is about 30 minutes North of our facility. Thank you so much for your service, you made my job easier and I look forward to years of successful recruiting through NationJob."

DataBank Corp., Wayne Ivey: "I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy I am with NationJob Network. I recently posted a few new jobs with you and the response has been excellent! In fact, we filled 2 of those positions with candidates that we received through you in the 1st 2 weeks of posting the jobs and have continued to receive inquiries from other well qualified people. Also, I have found NJN's responsiveness in be very helpful. Needless to say, I am a very satisfied customer and whole-heartedly recommend your service. Keep up the good work and thanks!"

Dayton Foundation, Diana Powers: "I wanted you to know that we have hired someone who responded through your web site to fill the Administrative Assistant position for The Dayton Foundation. I certainly do appreciate your help. We probably would not have found so many respondents with such high skill levels without"

Dayton Public Radio, Molly Bell: "Good morning - we have filled the Communications Manager position with one of the qualified applicants who responded through your service! Thank you for your assistance."

Enginetics Corporation, Carol Gibson: "I have placed two TOP quality candidates and am currently working with two more candidates. This medium is very easy to use and produces both quality and quantity candidates. Thank you all."

The Job Center, Lucious Plant, Workforce Development Coordinator: "I want you to know how integral NationJob has been to the success of our One Stop Center, "The Job Center". As you know, The Job Center is one of the largest and most comprehensive One Stop Centers in the country with 48 partner organizations under one roof. We determined that three years ago that Nation Job :Network would be the Greater Dayton area's web based job listing service and have never been disappointed. Our business community has continually expressed it's pleasure with the wonderful ease of listing job openings. A key here is that the easier it is for employers to use the service, the more likely they are to support and use it. NationJob fits the bill. At The Job Center, we served almost 9,000 new job seekers in the year 2000. Some were looking for entry level employment and others desiring management, professional and technical jobs with varying levels of computer knowledge. NationJob has helped interest job seekers who have never used a computer with the ease in which a person may search for jobs. Job seekers have access to local, national and international job markets making it a hit with advanced level users as well. Nation Job plays an important part of our Rapid Response services for workers affected by mass lay-offs and closings. I could go on about what NationJob has meant to The Job Center and our region, but I'm sure you've heard it all before. If there's a better web based job listing service than NationJob, we haven't seen it."

Lighthouse Technologies, Inc., Sarah Bauer, Human Resources: "I m attaching four job descriptions that we would like to have posted as soon as possible, as their deadlines are rapidly approaching. Jeff would like to know when you think you might be able to get to them. On behalf of the both of us we wanted to say thanks for your help now, and in the past. I'm especially grateful as Jeffs ability to hire me was directly related to the success we have had in the growth of Lighthouse Technologies, Inc. due to the job posting at So, thank you!"

Lorenz + Williams Incorporated, Alan J. Moody, AIA, Principal, Director of Technology: "This e-mail is to notify you that the position of Systems Support Technician, at Lorenz + Williams Incorporated, has been filled. Please remove this job listing from your web site. Thank you for your assistance in securing countless resumes."

Ochs Industries, Clark Miller: "Thanks for your support. You have helped us fill two positions: a Material Managers manager in Houston and a Senior Accounting Clerk in Vandalia."

Bill Reber & Associates, John Marohl: "Thank you for our access to this exceptional job listing site. We have received a large quantity of very high caliber applicants for positions including Chemists, Pharmacists, and General Management."

Robert Half International, Dan Hemphill: "It is imperative in our business that we source the highest quality candidates in the marketplace. We have been very happy with the candidates sourced from NationJob."

St. Joseph Children's Treatment Center, Jason C. Ploetz, Recruiter: "Just a quick update- we have filled the "Human Resources Secretary" position and therefore I would appreciate it if you could remove it from NationJob. Our candidate saw the posting on NationJob, as well as our new HR manager and full time HR administrative person. Thank you very much!"

Sytex, Inc., Mike Pettitt: "We are bidding with a "prime contractor" partner on a Federal/DoD contract. One of positions we had to fill was for the Program Manager position. The Prime was having difficulty locating a qualified candidate, so they asked us to assist in the search, so we posted the "Govt Financial Analyst" announcement on NationJob. To date we have received several excellent candidates from the listing, one of whom had exactly the type of education and experience we wanted for our Program Manager. We contacted him the day we received his resume, and after discussions passed his resume and our recommendation to the Prime. The Prime hired him as the PM less than one week later."

Total Safety U.S., Inc., Sharon L. Tessena, Director of Human Resources: "In the 4 (or 5) years of professional association with your firm, we have hired numerous qualified, stable employees through our website link with NationJobs. As a result of the tremendous savings this arrangement affords us, we do shut out all other on-line recruiters and services in favor of Nation Jobs. We like your product and plan on continuing a long association with your firm."

Training Services & Solutions, Ltd., Bill Ferris, CEO: "First of all I would like to say thank you and we found your service to be very beneficial in fulfilling our recent opening for a CNC Machine Repair Trainer / Consultant. The service yielded a number of very highly qualified candidates, which more than met our requirements. We have selected an individual for the position and would like to request that the job posting be taken off your site. As a member of Dayton Chamber of Commerce, I would recommend your service to all member companies."

Trimble Engineering & Construction Division, Robyn Meixell (09/2005): "NJ is wonderful, I am an avid user, I update my jobs weekly. We've used NJ for several years and love them, their customer service is Perfection! Sending me a list every week is a great reminder for me to update our jobs."

Trimble Engineering & Construction Division, Robyn Meixell: "I reviewed our new hire list for this year and it looks like we have hired five people from NationJob. Four of these positions were as Service Techs, Sr. Service Tech and one is for Purchasing Manager."

Job Seeker Quotes

Gary W. Daugherty: " To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to thank you for the position you sent me that lead to me being hired after being unemployed for almost two years!! I began my new job as an Inventory Specialist for the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA), three weeks ago. Again, thank you!"

Carol Pickel: "I have been getting jobs from your network for some time and I finally got one that went the right way. The job is for a buyer position at Dayton Reliable Tool. I start work on Monday and if it had not been for the email that was sent to me letting me know that the job was open, I would not have applied for it. Thank you for sending me updated emails on the jobs available, as I am employed again. I am looking forward to being a part of the company and helping to make Dayton Reliable Tool as successful as possible. Again, thanks for the web site and I hope a lot more people have the success that I have had."

Laura Richards: "I found my job through NationJob as a Customer Service Rep. for DP&L (Dayton Power & Light) in Dayton, Ohio."

Aaron Slusser: "I got a job with M&M Precision through PDSI Technical Services as a Software Engineer in Dayton ohio. I start Sept. 7th 2004. Thanks."

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