Specialists Group LLC, The
Specialists Group LLC, The

Job Location: Kansas City, KS
Salary: $80,000 to $120,000 DOE


Web ID: W6270

Classification: ConstructionProperty Management

City: Kansas CityWichita

State: KS

Compensation: $80,000 to $120,000 DOE

Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent

Benefits: Great Benefits


Development firm consisting of design, project development, construction, property management, and brokerage services. Own and operate assets in the office, retail, industrial and lodging segments of commercial real estate in Wichita and Kansas City. Known for innovative and dynamic concepts in development and repositioning of real estate assets while establishing strategic relationships with their tenants, partners, and investors.

Work with Executive, Finance, Sales and Leasing, and Property Management Departments to create and manage all aspects of developments and construction of their projects. Provide advice, guidance and direction for their projects and provide management oversight and hands-on supervision for all phases of construction projects from budgetary, working with municipalities, hiring of design teams, hiring of construction teams and monitors work and evaluates the results to ensure construction services objectives, timelines, budgetary and operating requirements are met and consistent with the needs and vision of the organization.

***Minimum 6 years of experience in the Commercial real-estate development, or construction industry required 10 years preferred.***

Job Description:
  • Hire and monitor consultants for predevelopment and preconstruction services, i.e.: PUDs, zoning, phase I, geo-tech, etc.
  • Manage pre, present and post-acquisition due diligence functions, permitting and entitlement and development processes and timelines.
  • Act as liaison with third parties for zoning, petitions, planning, permitting, and inspection.
  • Aid in Site and master planning, legal / PSA coordination, input and evaluation of site design parameters and budgeting.
  • Obtain budgets for proformas and draft proformas for management review.
  • Analyze delivery methods and contract types for all aspects of the project.
  • Research the construction and development market at potential project locations.
  • Solicit design bids from Architect and Engineers and advise on selection and fee structure to management.
  • Prepare and negotiate design agreements with Architects and Engineers and produce AIA contracts.
  • Owner advocate and liaison with Municipalities and utility companies furthering project development and scope negotiation for necessary improvements and/or capacity issues.
  • Monitor design progress and schedule for permit submission and construction bidding.
  • Review plans to ensure that project program is being met with best value to the project and within building standards.
  • Solicit construction bids, pre-qualify contractors and hold pre-bid conferences for construction bidding.
  • Construction bids analysis and value engineering and advise on selection to management.
  • Prepare and negotiate construction contracts and produce AIA contracts.
  • Facilitate subcontractor bid review meetings with the General Contractor on cost plus projects.
  • Facilitate regular progress / coordination meetings with Architects and Contractors on building shell and site development projects.
  • Facilitate regular progress / coordination reviews with the Tenants and their Architect and Contractor.
  • Ensure work is complete per the contract documents and receipt of all jurisdictional approval and occupancy permits.
  • Review and advise for approval of all change requests.
  • Review and advise for approval of all pay applications.
  • Monitor and ensure project schedule is met.
  • Monitor and protect the overall project budget and provide financial updates for each project.
  • Verification of final construction costs on cost plus projects.
  • Perform and facilitate: punch list inspections, close out procedures, and manage throughout the warranty period.
  • Identify areas for improvement, elimination or to recommend new areas of business.
  • Communicate and interact with the business community to promote the company and create strategic business and community relationships.

Job Requirements:
  • Minimum 6 years of experience in the Commercial real-estate development, or construction industry required 10 years preferred.
  • Prefer Certified Property Manager CPM for higher compensation.

How To Apply:

Please apply online

Specialists Group LLC, The
100 N. Broadway, Suite 200
Wichita, KS 67202


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