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Paramedic - Full-Time and Part-Time Positions Available
A-MED Ambulance Inc
Job Location: New Orleans, LA


The Paramedic provides appropriate and effective pre-hospital basic and advanced life support care and transportation of the sick and injured in accordance with local, regional and A-MED Ambulance standards of practice.


The -P must currently be both registered with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and licensed with the State of as an Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate. The -P must have a current Jefferson Parish and City of permit.EMT-P must also have a valid driver's license, Class D, and meet all criteria as set forth by our vehicle insurance carrier. The -P must have current training and completion cards for Defensive Driving, Awareness Level of Hazardous Materials, Health Care Provider CPR, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. These permits, licenses, certifications, and training must be maintained and kept current and valid at all times while employed in this capacity.


Heavy and strenuous.EMT-P must be able to lift and carry a patient and stretcher up and down several flights of stairs with small landings, which requires proper lifting techniques, and proper body mechanics. The -P must be able to carry equipment and travel on foot for several hundred yards.

Manual and finger dexterity is necessary to reach for, handle, lift, and carry supplies, equipment, and patients. Talking and hearing ability is necessary to interact and communicate with dispatchers on the radio, patients on the scene of an accident or sudden illness, other public safety members on the scene of an incident which often presents itself in an unsafe and hazardous manner where immediate communications with the on scene personnel is imperative. Visual activity is required for observation of the patient, inspection of the scene, and to safely drive the ambulance.


Heavy and exacting. Must use good judgment when establishing priorities in caring for patients of all ages. Must be able to diagnose and treat patients correctly in critical settings with limited resources. Must decide who will be treated first in multiple critical patient situations. Must decide how much treatment to render when other calls are waiting to be answered.

Numerical ability is necessary to measure and calculate medication dosages. Motor coordination is necessary to be able to operate the ambulance safely when driving on an emergency run. Reading ability is required to properly interpret information the is exposed to during the course of performing his/her duties. Numerical ability is necessary to calculate IV drip rates and drug dosages as required in the monitoring of IV fluids and administering medications.


The -P will provide the highest quality Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support in a pre-hospital setting and augments the various hospital emergency department staffs in the emergency care of the sick and the injured. EMT-P is a professional, pre-hospital emergency care specialist who provides assessment and treatment to patients of all ages in an innumerable variety of environmentally uncontrolled settings in which injury and permanent disability to the -P are possible. If they are the senior trained on the scene, the -P supervises other emergency services personnel who may be present at the scene providing the patients care.EMT-P takes histories, performs physical exams, controls bleeding. provides airway control, restores and maintains circulation, starts IVs, administers medications, intubates the airway, and provides care consistent with the general standard of care under the authority of then service medical director and/or

the medical control physician according to the treatment protocols as issued and approved by the Jefferson and Orleans Parishes medical societies.EMT-P both at the scene and during transportation has the ultimate authority consistent with these guidelines. The -P assists in the emergency departments with emergency care as required, but does not supersede others in the department.


Excellent to poor:

The -P must be able to work in either a well lighted and properly equipped ambulance or inadequately lighted space with no back up equipment or personnel. They must be able to work in the presence of visitors and bystanders with the possibility of shouting and uncontrolled patient setting. Must be able to perform in all temperatures and climates.

Job Hazard:

Possible exposure to communicable diseases before their detection. Possible exposure to body fluid/blood borne pathogens. Vehicle accidents with various leaking fuels, unknown cargos, downed power lines, and unsteady vehicles. Violent patients with knives, guns, clubs, or other weapons. Police shootings with hostile crowds present. Toxic chemical spills / incidents. Working in traffic on limited access roadways. Boat, plane, train, and vehicle accidents involving extrication. Potential involvement in vehicle accidents with the ambulance.


Error can result in morbidity or mortality.


At the scene and in the ambulance, the -P supervises police officers, fire personnel, bystanders, observers, other 's, physicians, nurses, and co-workers in providing pre-hospital care and treatment to the patient


Has frequent close contact with patients and family members of all ages in settings outside of the hospital and the emergency department. Their major function is to care for, observe, and interpret the condition of an unspecified number of patients of all ages and to execute for them prescribed procedures, treatments, therapy, and other necessary actions.


Must be able to interact favorably with nurses, physicians, emergency department and other hospital staff, family members, crowds in places of public assembly, and police, fire, and other emergency services personnel. Must frequently apply the ability to influence and motivate others to obtain willing acceptance, consent, and actions.


1. Regularly participates in departmental educational activities and meetings.

2. Consistently provides comprehensive documentation on daily duties, patient care provided, and other documents as necessary. They are responsible for the accurate documentation of all pertinent patient information, in the patient care setting as well as the billing and informational setting.

3. Always maintains the ambulance and all equipment in a clean and efficient working order.
4. Operates the ambulance in accordance with all A ambulance service policies, traffic ordinances, and in a manner whereby the safety of the patient, the public, and the EMTs in the ambulance in of prime importance.

5. Reports to work on time, in proper uniform with appropriate A ID name tag.

6. Always carries all necessary permits and licenses on person, while on duty.

7. Observes proper radio procedures and cell phone usage as per A ambulance service policies and practices.

8. Responds to the needs of patients of all ages, and the patients family's needs and / or request for assistance in a prompt, positive, and professional manner.

9. Demonstrates responsibility for the assessing and observation of the patient's mental and physical condition and uses sound judgment to initiate proper treatment and care of all infant to geriatric patients.

10. Always assumes responsibility for professional education, knowledge of all ambulance service policies / procedures, and maintains current certification requirements at all times.

11. Actively supports the mission, goals, and policies of A-Ambulance Service.

12. Any and all duties, that may be deemed necessary, by any member of the management team, for the employee to perform during the regular course of their duties.

13. Demonstrates regular and reliable attendance and strict punctuality.

REPORTS TO:Field Supervisor, Operations Director, Administrative Director and Owners.

The above statement reflects the general duties considered necessary to describe the principle functions of the job as identified, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the position.


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