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City of Greenville
City of Greenville

Job Location: Greenville, SC
Job Type: Full Time
Department: POLICE

$42,484.00 - $52,613.08 Annually


4 McGee Street - Greenville, SC

Job Type

Full Time



Job Number





2/26/2021 11:59 PM Eastern

Brief Description

Brief Description of the Job

Provides animal control and enforcement services to the City of Greenville with the goal of maintaining the public safety and health regarding animals in the City and to ensure animals are treated in a humane manner. Investigates complaints and reports of stray, injured, vicious, abandoned, and nuisance animals; assists Vice/Narcotics Unit in the removal of dangerous animals when necessary. Responds to wildlife calls on a case by case basis to include venomous snakes. Receives requests for the setting of dog and cat traps and setting such traps as necessary if appropriate after review of the request. Issues citations and/or confiscates neglected, abused, or vicious animals. Patrols the city limits of Greenville to observe, identify, and impound loose, stray, injured, vicious, or nuisance animals if necessary. Represents the City in court cases where a summons was issued for animal violations of the municipal code. Performs chemical immobilization as necessary. Compiles and maintains reports and information related to animal control, enforcement activities, finances dealing with Greenville County Animal Care and Services and controlled drugs used in chemical captures. Promotes positive community relations through personal interaction and education regarding responsible animal ownership. Provides after-hours/emergency on call Animal Control support with approval of supervisor. Interacts with local television stations regarding certain animal abuse/neglect cases and educational aspects of proper animal care. Coordinates special projects as assigned involving aspects of animal control. Provides educational information/classes on animal care to local college. As needed, provides back up to patrol officers, assists in arrests, pursues fleeing suspects on foot, and uses firearm.

Job Duties

Essential Functions

Investigate Complaints of Animal Disruption (60%): Receive complaints/reports of animal disruption reports of stray, injured, abandoned and nuisance animals from dispatch via the radio or telephone, and or the complainant via telephone, e-mail or in- person. Use radio to communicate the status of the call to dispatch. Decide best method to address the nature and type of the call. Capture animal with leash, capture pole, dart gun, and/or set trap, and/or issue notice to animal owner. Put captured animal in truck for transport. Complete paper work to turn in with the animal and document actions of the call using the Laptop. Off load animals at Greenville County Animal Care Services. Issue notice to animal owner for correction in animal care as appropriate. Perform follow up investigation on notices issued for correction in care of animal. Seize/impound animal(s) as appropriate. As needed, provide back up to patrol officers, assist in arrests, pursue fleeing suspects on foot, and use firearm.

Issue Summons and Represent the City during Court Cases (10%): Speak with animal owner to obtain drivers license. Write out and issue summons. Advise animal owner about the summons and the consequences should they fail to appear in Court. Subpoena witnesses as appropriate. Impound/seize animals as appropriate, and deliver to Greenville County Animal Care Services. Turn in summons to Municipal Court for input into the system. Coordinate with Assistant City Attorney as needed for jury trial cases. Coordinate with witnesses on status of case and ensure attendance at court. Present case to the judge for adjudication. Complete summons after verdict in court and file in Animal Control files.

Compile and Maintain Reports and Information Related to Animal Control (10%): Compile and maintain reports and information on enforcement activities, finances dealing with GCACS and controlled drug usage on chemical captures. Ensure receipt of GCACS Animal contract for each animal is turned into his or her facility. Input required data from contract into computerized Animal Control log. Balance contracts received against monthly bill from GCACS to ensure proper billing amount charged to Greenville Police. Forward verified bill to Greenville Police Finance Coordinator. Maintain documents detailing accountability trail for controlled drugs ordered, received, and utilized on the capture of animals. Input Notice to Resident (Animal Owner) into computerized Animal Control Records and file hard copy in file cabinet. Input, calculate, and report the number of Greenville Police Animal Control calls for service to supervisor on monthly basis. Prepare and submit City of Greenville Animal Control yearly totals to supervisor. Interact with local television stations regarding certain animal abuse/neglect cases and educational aspects of proper animal care; coordinate special projects as assigned involving aspects of animal control; provide educational information/classes on animal care to local college.

Set Dog and Cat Traps (10%): Use animal trap as a means of removing stray or aggressive animals as needed. Traverse rugged terrain, streams, overgrown vegetation, and residential debris during daylight and possibly nighttime hours.

Perform Chemical Capture of an Animal (5%): When all other means of capture have been exhausted and an animal represents a substantial danger to the public, officers trained in the use of chemical euthanasia will humanely dispatch the animal as required.

Patrol City Limits to Address Animal Control Problems (5%): Patrol city limits to observe, identify, and/or impound stray, injured, vicious, or nuisance animals. Review past problem areas and drive through those areas periodically. Contact animal owners if a problem animal is discovered. Issue notice to resident if correction of animal care is required. Pick up and transport captured loose, stray, injured, vicious, or nuisance animals to Greenville County Animal Care Services (GCACS.) Complete paperwork to turn in animal to GCACS.

Perform other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements

Formal Education: High school diploma or equivalent required. Training in Animal Control, Veterinary Sciences, or related field is preferred.

Experience: Experience handling or involving contact with animals is preferred.

Drivers License Required: Class D South Carolina License.

Certifications and Other Requirements:

  • Completion of SC Criminal Justice Academy as a Class I or Class III law enforcement officer within one year of employment or equivalent certification in another state.
  • Completion of department Animal Control Officer field training within six months of employment.
  • Certification in the National Animal Control and Humane Officer Academy Module A or its equivalent and the certification in the Chemical Capture of Animals are required within two years of employment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Working knowledge of animal restraint and care techniques.
  • Applicable laws, ordinances, and department rules and regulations.
  • Different breeds and their physical and behavioral characteristics.

Ability to:

  • Read, understand, and explain applicable State and local laws, regulations, and ordinances.
  • Explain animal control rules and regulations to a wide range of people.
  • Tactfully obtain cooperation and compliance from members of the public.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, peers, supervisors and the public.
  • Work independently and exercise sound judgment and decision making.
  • Handle sick, injured, or dangerous animals in a safe manner.
  • Learn and recognize symptoms of rabies and other common animals diseases.
  • Learn the safe and accurate handling of animal control equipment.
  • Euthanize dangerous, sick, or unwanted animals.
  • Prepare and write clear and concise reports.
  • Perform basic math.
  • Operate vehicle, firearms, ASP baton, taser, radio, telephone, fax machine, copier, calculator, animal control pole, tranquilizer gun, leashes, dog and cat traps, pens, animal control forms, summons book, laptop, desktop computer, printer, scanner, and related software.
Working Conditions

Primary Work Location: Outside and vehicle.

Environmental/Health and Safety Factors: Frequent exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions and/or hazards. Majority of work performed outside or with exposure to risk. Monthly exposure to wetness and/or humidity and noise. Seasonal exposure to extreme temperatures. Exposure to toxic or caustic chemicals. Daily exposure to physical danger or abuse from suspects as well as communicable diseases. Weekly exposure to mechanical and electrical hazards (e.g. Downed power lines, vehicles damaged in accidents, etc.).

Protective Equipment Required: Rubber gloves, leather gloves, reflective vest, and boots.

Physical Demands

Continuously requires vision, hearing, and talking. Frequently requires standing, reaching, climbing, fine dexterity, handling, walking, using foot controls, balancing, carrying, bending, sitting, crouching, kneeling, twisting, lifting, climbing, crawling, and pushing/pulling. Perform duties in situations that range from inactive to situations requiring extreme physical exertion. Including but not limited to: the ability to make an arrest, physically wrestle a suspect following a prolonged pursuit, running over uneven terrain, chasing a suspect over many blocks or up flights of stairs while wearing duty equipment, climbing over fences, standing on a fixed post for extended periods of time, perform crowd and riot control activities, and exposure to adverse conditions and situations. Strength demands include constantly exerting 10 pounds, frequently exerting 20-50 pounds and occasionally may require exerting up to 150 pounds. Additional strength demands include the ability to wear duty equipment for prolonged periods weighing between 20-40 pounds.

Mental Demands

Frequently requires irregular schedule/overtime, performing multiple tasks simultaneously, working closely with others as part of a team, and noisy/distracting environment. Occasionally requires time pressures, emergency situations, frequent change of tasks, and tedious or exacting work.

How To Apply:
Please fill out our Online Application by clicking the Apply button below:

Our office hours are 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday - Friday.

The City of Greenville will provide reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified individuals. The City of Greenville does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability status or age in employment or provision of services.
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