Romo Durable Graphics


Romo Durable Graphics

Our passion is to help companies find the best way to decorate their products and facilities. Once we've determined the best outcome, we apply advanced engineering and processes to make it a reality.

We provide value by re-engineering parts, changing the way a product gets decorated, or managing inventory to make purchasing easier. We continually search for ways to make a difference in our customers’ businesses. Sometimes we find that Romo isn't the best fit for a particular project or customer. If that’s the case, we’re usually the first to say so.

Romo has been creating durable graphics for over 60 years. Over the course of our history, we’ve sought out challenging opportunities to create products that leave a lasting impression for our customers’ brands.

Research and Development
With more than 38 years of combined experience, Romo's chemists focus on ink and material compatibility. We continually improve our inks to make our products more durable. Customers have challenged us to develop better applications, like graphics that can endure 3000 commercial wash cycles, or a 10-year salt-water/UV soak. We've developed durable graphics that add functionality to our customers' products utilizing technology like RFID chips and QR codes. We welcome new ideas and opportunities to create better products.

Each construction we produce is tested in an advanced accelerated weather testing chamber to simulate aging in an outdoor environment with humidity, UV exposure, and heat. We can simulate long-term outdoor performance in a matter of weeks. For engineered products, a sampling from each lot is tested for a number of variables including ink adhesion, steel plate static level, solvent/cleaner/abrasion resistance, and both water and heat aging.

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